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Your Best Birth is the complete Antenatal and Hypnobirthing course designed to give you everything you need for a positive birth experience. It’s time to release fear, embrace calm and find joy in pregnancy and childbirth.

Anna’s sessions not only provided us with invaluable, practical tools to use through labour it also provided time for us as a couple to relax and focus on the birth.

My smooth and fast labour was helped by staying calm and using Anna’s techniques, which I will forever be grateful for.


I’m Anna Jardine-Jones. I’m a Birth Coach, Hypnobirthing teacher, Presenter and speaker and I’m here to help you start working towards YOUR BEST BIRTH!

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Embark on our journey to uncover the science behind childbirth, a perfect system already in place. Discover Hypnobirthing and its potential to ensure a positive birth experience. Cultivate self-trust and listen to your inner voice. Explore the power of positive reinforcement and practical confidence-building techniques. By course end, you’ll grasp your phenomenal nature, feeling wonderful and confident about your baby’s birth.


  • The importance of your birth environment and how to create one to aid hormone production

  • Different relaxation techniques including the “Breath for Life”

  • Place of birth and different ways to bring on labor naturally

  • Due dates (and why you should be ignoring them completely!)

  • The role of the birth partner and how they can best help you in pregnancy and the birth room.
  • What to expect when you go into labour

  • Pain relief options and different places to birth

  • The similarities between birth and poo-they have more in common than you think!

  • The golden hour after your baby is born-what exactly happens and the important choices that you’ll need to make

  • Caesarean birth and how to plan for a positive and empowering experience
  • What’s involved with breastfeeding and why having the right support can make all the difference

  • Risk, informed consent and choices, and how to navigate the system that you are birthing into

  • We’ll look at all things Induction- discuss exactly what it is, what’s involved, and why it matters so much



Reframing Birth-Audio Relaxation


Reframing Birth-Audio Relaxation


Copy of Reframing Birth-Audio Relaxation

Position Matters

Reframing Birth-Audio Relaxation

Pain – Will it hurt?

Relaxed Body, sleeping baby

Labour Day

Softness & Peace

Caesarean Birth



Protective Shell

Birth Plan

Beautiful Birth-alternative ending

Birth Preferences Template

I had no idea birth could be so interesting! Loved everything abut this course. Can’t wait to put my knowledge into practise!

I was somewhat sceptical about the benefits of hypno-birthing. I must admit my pre-judgement was completely wrong. Anna’s was welcoming whilst being utterly professional and put my wife and I at ease.

Discover everything you need for a positive birth experience


YES! Absolutely necessary! Research has shown that mothers who receive childbirth education have an increased chance of a normal vaginal birth without interventions and are also less likely to have an Induction. When it comes to giving birth, knowledge really is power! But if you don’t know the choices available to you then you don’t have a choice! The Your Best Birth childbirth preparation course will help you navigate the system that you’re birthing into and give you all the tools you need for a positive birth experience.

Of course. Whilst there are areas of the course that focus on the role of a birth partner, ultimately you are the one having a baby and all the skills you learn will stand you in good stead for your best birth either with or without a birth partner.

This really is entirely up to you but the relaxations you will listen to are designed to make you feel wonderful and hopefully sleep better and they can be a really great way of releasing any anxiety during pregnancy. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start early enough that you have time to practise and make the most of the course. Most expectant mothers choose to do so between 25 and 36 weeks.

Absolutely! The course is all about helping you have your best birth-whatever that looks like and the Hypnobirthing techniques that you will learn can be incredibly effective in assisting a calm caesarean birth.

Maybe yes….maybe no! The course will allow you to understand how your body works and learn to trust it during labour. We don’t know how we’re going to feel in labour until we are in labour so it’s important to keep an open mind. I’m afraid I can’t promise you a pain free birth (although it is possible!) but I am sure that the skills and knowledge you’ll learn on my course will make you calmer and more confident about birthing your baby.