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Ready to Embrace Your Best Birth?

Anna Jardine-Jones, with her extensive expertise in Hypnobirthing and birth coaching, has meticulously designed this course for mothers-to-be. Each module is a step towards your best birth.


Usually £89

Dive Deep into our Comprehensive Hypnobirthing Course​

If you’ve landed here, perhaps you’re seeking clarity, confidence, and calm for your upcoming birth.

Imagine navigating this journey with trusted guidance, understanding, and empowerment at each step.

If this resonates, Anna Jardine-Jones is here to path YOUR BEST BIRTH

Through this course, you'll gain:


Enhanced confidence in your birth choice.


Deep relaxation techniques.


Knowledge of optimal birthing positions


Natural pain management strategies


A release of fear and anxiety surrounding birth.

What's included in the online video course?​

  • The importance of your birth environment and how to create one to aid hormone production

  • Different relaxation techniques including the “Breath for Life”

  • Place of birth and different ways to bring on labor naturally

  • Due dates (and why you should be ignoring them completely!)

  • The role of the birth partner and how they can best help you in pregnancy and the birth room.
  • What to expect when you go into labour

  • Pain relief options and different places to birth

  • The similarities between birth and poo-they have more in common than you think!

  • The golden hour after your baby is born-what exactly happens and the important choices that you’ll need to make

  • Caesarean birth and how to plan for a positive and empowering experience
  • What’s involved with breastfeeding and why having the right support can make all the difference

  • Risk, informed consent and choices, and how to navigate the system that you are birthing into

  • We’ll look at all things Induction- discuss exactly what it is, what’s involved, and why it matters so much

I had no idea birth could be so interesting! Loved everything abut this course. Can’t wait to put my knowledge into practise!
– Tina

“Without her knowledge my birth experience would of been completely different! I’m just so grateful that I found her to enable me to have the absolute birth that I wished for”
– Gemma

Honestly I cannot thank Anna’s online course enough it really truly changed my birthing experience. I actually enjoyed my birth which I never thought I would be able to say,
– Vivienne

Anna teaches you techniques that I have never heard of before that make the whole labour experience more positive. So thankful I found this course before my birth.

You Might Be Wondering...

Antenatal classes can sometimes be dry and a bit dull (I learnt this the hard way when I was pregnant!) but the Your Best Birth online course makes learning about birth interesting! I promise to be informative, engaging and deliver all the information to you in a way that is easy to understand.

The course is split into 15 sections which you can watch in your own time as often as you like for a year after the date of purchase. The video sections vary in length but If you want to do the whole course from start to finish then it will take you approximately 3 hours. There are also 6 guided relaxations that accompany the course which can be listened to throughout your pregnancy.

YES! This course is designed for you to watch with your birth partner as I firmly believe that a well informed birth partner can be a huge asset in the birth room. You are a team and the course will show your partner how they can best support you. It’s also a really nice journey to go on together. And it’s not too long…so they won’t get bored!

Hypno-birthing is an evidence based approach to giving birth that combines science with practical tools and techniques. When we understand how our bodies work we are able to harness their power in childbirth and Hypno-birthing allows us to let go, relax and prepare for birth in a really positive way.


Usually £89