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I will always maintain that childbirth is the most amazing life experience I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a colourful life and done all sorts of weird and wonderful things. But for me, nothing beats birth. And I’m not even half joking when I say that I actually love giving birth or that I’d do it every day if I could…I really would. I honestly love it that much. But just because I feel this way don’t think for a second that I find labour a walk in the park or that giving birth isn’t without its challenges. On the contrary, even when having your best birth it may be very hard work indeed.

After Fletcher’s birth, awash with oxytocin, endorphins and high on life I remember feeling like I was totally invincible. Anything was possible and I could take on the world. Fast forward 12 hours when all those feel good hormones were leaving me and the local anaesthetic had worn off and I wasn’t feeling quite so chipper. The main problem I was faced with (in addition to keeping a small person alive!) was in my nether regions. Sitting down-which was something I was planning on doing quite a lot in those early weeks- was absolute agony.

Like many mothers, I had experienced a second degree tear which required a few stitches and at the same time as birthing my beloved son I’d also given birth to what felt like the worlds most enormous pile aka “Gary”, who’s arrival was much less welcome!

Now I was prepared for a bit of physical discomfort after childbirth. Following instructions from our NCT teacher I had gone out and purchased an empty spray bottle which when filled with water and sprayed liberally at my vulva and vagina, would apparently would make going to the toilet infinitely more comfortable. Well, comfort on the loo was one thing but I needed a solution for the sitting down part.

Cue my genius husband- piping up with the brilliant suggestion that I might be more comfy if I was sat on a rubber ring. How right he was!

Purchasing one was slightly tricky as the shops weren’t awash with rubber rings mid April. The only ring to be found was a childrens paw patrol one which wasn’t really designed for my great weight but in times of desperation it did the job just fine. Oh the relief when I planted myself on that ring-front bottom hovering gently over the hole with nothing to rub or aggravate it. Yes the relief that little inflatable brought me was truly immense.

Unfortunaly the paw patrol rubber ring didn’t stand the test of time but it did last long enough to provide the short term relief I so desperately needed!

Within a week or so my stitches were healing well and I’m happy to report that Gary the monster pile had retreated back up inside my bottom. We’d see more of him next birth but for now our time together was over.

A rubber ring or holey-cushion should be an essential purchase for any expectant mother. Just in case. We’re so good at planning for our babies arrival but often neglect our aftercare and I can honestly say that ring saved me!

Invest in one. You may not need it but if like me, you find yourself in a position where you can’t sit down comfortably then you’ll find that it really does help to have a ring for the sting!

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