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My Father has always stressed how important it is to “always have a plan” and when it comes to childbirth I definitely agree with him.

Writing your birth plan or birth preferences is a great opportunity to talk through everything you’ve learnt with your birth partner and make sure you are both on the same page. You are a team after all!

It’s a chance to ask yourself “what do I really want?” and more importantly “what do I really not want?” Your birth partner will only be able to advocate for you if they fully understand what it is you would like so be sure to be open and honest.

When you present your care providers with a birth plan it also says loud and clear that you’re taking an active role in your birth. You’ve taken the time to understand what your different options are and made a conscious decision to assert yourself on paper. This can make it much easier to step off the “conveyorbelt of care” if there is something you’re not happy with further down the line.

It’s always a cunning plan to prepare for a caesarean birth…just in case-…and really take the time to ask yourself how you would feel if different situations present themselves.

The fact is that sometimes birth does get complicated. Not just because of medical interventions but because biologically something happens that causes things to become a little tricky. If you’ve given your body everything that it needs but things still haven’t unfolded in a straightforward way then it’s really, really important that you feel ready to make you peace with it and in my experience, this is made much easier if you’ve made a birth plan in which you’ve already considered plan B…or indeed plan C.

It’s important to remember that no one fails at labour and however your baby comes into the world-you have performed a miracle. You’ve created a human! Literally nothing could be more miraculous.

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